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Mullet Hall Red ~ Dry red table wine with a lively fruity flavor distinctive of the muscadine.

Label Artist: Mark Horton

Mark Kelvin Horton knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist. While growing up in rural North Carolina did not present an abundance of art study opportunities, the diverse natural beauty of the southeast, especially the coastal regions of South Carolina, provided unlimited inspiration. 

The encouragement of his family also played a role in Mark’s development as an artist. His older brother, Bernie, who had attended art school, pursued a successful career in advertising and thereafter made a name for himself as a painter, was especially influential and his career path provided a model for Mark. Mark, in turn, attended East Carolina University School of Art where he majored in design, but also studied drawing and painting. Mark received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1983. Subsequently, what started out as a post graduation summer internship in a New York City advertising agency, turned into an 18-year long advertising career. 

While working in New York, Mark continued to nurture his “fine art side”. He spent countless hours in the city’s museums and galleries studying master works of art. Mark was enthralled with the realism of Homer and Sargent, the drama and emotion of Inness and Blakelock, and the romantic landscapes of the Hudson River School painters. Aside from his work in advertising, Mark continued to paint, utilizing imagery from frequent visits to the South. 

Recently, Mark left New York City and returned to his roots in the South, locating near the coastline that had initially inspired him to pursue his passion of painting. Working in both acrylic and oil on canvas as well as watercolor on paper, Mark is fasinated with the effects of light and weather upon the landscape. “I’ve always been intrigued with storms anth="oud formations. They can transform even the most mundane scene into a dramatic vista.” Mark is interested in portraying the local color and culture of the region, as well as the natural elements. Living near the coast just outside of Charleston, SC with his wife and two young sons, he is surrounded by the landscapes, people and atmospheric conditions he strives to capture in his painting.