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Palmetto ~ Sweet rich light bodied fruity muscadine flavor.

Label Artist: Matt Constantine

Matt Constantine was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1973. Matt’s early years were spent exploring the ocean and it’s coastal areas as well as the forests of the South Carolina lowcountry. Living on front beach and spending his teenage years hunting a plantation on the Kiawah river instilled in him a passion for the natural world, especially the Charleston lowcountry. 

Matt is a self-taught artist. He was first moved to paint seriously in 1995 after viewing and being inspired by paintings he saw in a book. "Although that was my point of induction into the world of painting, I had always been moved by artwork. Even as a young child I can remember looking at paintings and wanting to be able to do the same."

After a few years of struggling with the brushes and learning, Matt won his first major award, the 1999-2000 South Carolina Saltwater Fisheries Stamp and the next year he claimed his second, the 2000-2001 South Carolina Migratory Waterfowl Stamp or ‘duck stamp,’ for the program’s 20th anniversary year. Since stamp competitions are such high profile competitions, which often attracts the top artists from across the nation, Matt knew that to win would be a move in the right direction. 

Since then Matt has made painting a full time career. In addition to wildlife, he also paints portraits and landscapes. Most of his work is done in oils. He loves the medium for all its attributes and workable characteristics. "The way you can make a brush stroke catch light and at the same time throw a shadow. It’s a physical paint. It’s always challenging to try and manipulate it to truly make it work to its full potential."